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"Shop with us first each season" and you will find beautiful annual and perennial flowering plants, hanging baskets, vegetable plants and so much more.  All of our plants are grown in our greenhouses and we focus on healthy plants with well developed root systems that will provide gorgous flowers and a wonderful harvest of vegetables throughout the season!



Mountain Top Greenhouses offers an amazing variety of annual plants each year. Our plants are grown here and we offer a selection of sizes so there is something for everyone and we sell plants for every growing location! In addition to single variety pots we sell combination patio pots and Memorial Day pots.  Both are designed and planted right here.


Looking to plant a garden that comes back year after year? Come to Mountain Top Greenhouses and choose from our large selection of perennial plants. If your garden is a sunny location or shaded throughout the day we have plants for you to choose from.


At Mountain Top Greenhouses we offer a wide varitey of hanging baskets for your growing conditions.  Wether you have a shady pourch or a full sun location, we have a beautiful basket for you!

We sell a large number of combination hanging baskets that are all designed in house.  We listen to our customers and look at what our customers are buying to create our designs.  We also incorporate what is "new" in our baskets.  

Mountain Top Greenhouses sells Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato hanging baskets which produce an abundance of cherry tomatoes all season. Our customers tell us these make great father's day gifts.

Vegetable Plants & Herbs
From early season cold crops to fall harvest vegetables, every year Mountain Top Greenhouses grows a large variety of vegetable plants for the home gardener.If you are looking for a hot variety or sweet bell pepper we have many for you to choose from.  Looking for tomatoes? Mountain Top Greenhouses grows slicing, beefsteak, grape, italian plum and sweet cherry varieties. Grow your own salad by choosing some of our lettuce and greens and add a cucumber plant too.  Don't forget to pick up your summer and winter squash. Stop in to check out our entire selection!!!
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